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About Us


The FLip FLop FLoatilla was formed in direct response to a need for civilian volunteers and rescuers after Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas.  Original plan of performing water rescues and relief work has expanded greatly in the short time of its existence.  We focus on performing rescues, coordination of resources, and distribution of supplies to the communities most in need.

Focusing on the Forgotten

Original plans of heading directly into Houston to assist with rescue efforts after hurricane Harvey were changed once we got closer to the devastation.  We noticed that while the bigger towns and cities were receiving all of the federal and state resources, there were many communities in just as bad of shape that were being forgotten along the way.

Previous Assistance to impacted communities

Hurricane Harvey - Focused rescue efforts on smaller communities throughout the South East Texas area (Sour Lake, Vidor, Orange). We setup a relief/relax location for survivors to be able to take a break from the hassle of what had just happened in their lives in Livingston.  Provided food, supplies, clothing, and general assistance to anyone that needed help.  Set up a supply and distribution network that has to this day assisted with Irma and Maria relief efforts. Night Time - focused on rescues & Day Time - focused on distribution of supplies to EOC/Distribution Centers.

Hurricane IRMA - Focused on the South West region of Florida Lee/Collier County (Everglades City, Goodland, Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs,  Chokoloskee, and Immokalee). Coordinated efforts with Warfighter R & R, Guardian Angels SAR, and Operation Airdrop to have supplies brought in on 18-wheelers and air supply drops to the Marco Island Executive Airport and Immokalee County Airport.  Just in the Excursion and U-Haul over a 5 day period, we probably distributed around 5,000 cubed ft of supplies.  The RCMA center in Immokalee normally feeds around 250 kids a day, we arrived 2 days after the storm and they were now serving around 500 kids and their parents with a now bare food pantry.  We unloaded first round of supplies that we had gotten donated from Santa Rosa Beach area, made a trip to an open WalMart and loaded the U-Haul for a second trip to re-stock the RCMA center.  We were then able to get 18-wheelers of supplies delivered to this location.  By the time that we left the area, the RCMA center was helping around 5,000 people.

Hurricane Maria - Worked with Curt Schilling and his organization "Operation Bullpen", Warfigher R & R, Guardian Angels SAR and other various organizations to gather around 2 million pounds of supplies to be sent via Air Cargo and Container Ships to PR. Still working on the supply line and getting more rescuers/doctors into the Island for much needed support.


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